Welcome to Bright Ink. I am a writer, and this is my little home on the Internet.

Sometimes, when I’m scribbling in my notebook, turning over to a new page gives me this feeling of incredible awe. All those blank lines that I can fill, a whole page in which anything can happen. It’s like standing on the end of a diving board, ready to leap, certain that the jump is just moments away, and with it a fall, a splash into cool water.

Experience, of course, has taught me that there are limits. Only so much can happen within a small number of lines. And sometimes I must unwind all the little knotted strands of the ideas I’m trying to put on paper. What seems so simple in the mind is often very complex on paper. Even though I’ve been writing a long time, sometimes the right words are hard to find. Sometimes no words will come at all. The water is dark, the skies stormy, even climbing the ladder to get on the diving board is too intimidating to contemplate.

My whole life is richer when writing is joyful. When I turn to a blank page and I plow in without fear, without expectation. When I am content with the words I’m getting on the page, because I am telling a story that I love, I find that I am kinder, more patient, more vibrant than when I am just plowing to the end of a chapter to get it finished so I can move on to the next.

This is what I hope for BrightInk: I hope it becomes a place that is uniquely mine. I hope that it is a place about exuberant writing. So often, writers get caught up in a constant search for improvement, an unceasing striving to be better than other writers, to catch attention, to get published, to make money. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course. It’s a worthy thing, to seek improvement. However, I’m finding that I am at my best when the act of writing is joyful, rather than punishment. My life is better, and the stories I tell are better, when putting pen to paper is a reward, an adventure.


I want to run to the ladder, to the end of the diving board, to jump. I want to swim through the water, and climb again, even if my jumps are sloppy, even if the water is freezing, even when my limbs are tired. That feeling is why I began writing in the first place. And if I can help others get some of their words on paper, too, then that will be a greater than anything else I’ve achieved so far.

That’s the first page. It won’t be the last. I don’t know what challenges BrightInk will face, but I’m sure it will have them. I’m looking forward to working on it.


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