Hello, Bright Ink readers!

I haven’t posted in quite a while, and I’m going to take this space to briefly go over why.

Most recently, and most memorably, I had my wisdom teeth extracted. Let’s just say that the subsequent trials, tribulations, and exhaustion have limited my productivity. I’m just proud that I was able to take care of kids’ baths a couple of times this week. As of today, I’m grateful that the swelling in my face is down enough that I no longer look like one of those goldfish with the giant sacks under their eyes.

Just before that I joined some of my coworkers for a writing group, with goals and everything, which has been a wonderful way for me to start generating new ideas.

Coworkers, you might ask? Do you mean your kids? You’re writing with a five-year-old?!

First of all, writing with a five-year-old is not the worst prospect. Just the other day she created a picture book about an alien who visited a family and asked them for a bowl of soup. I’ve certainly heard adults propose much less interesting plots.

But in fact, as of a month ago I started a job. A real job, with training, assignments, coworkers, and a dodgy water cooler. No computer yet, but I’m eagerly awaiting the day that one is finally acquisitioned on my behalf. It’s going to be great. And that, you might think, would be the biggest challenge I’ve dealt with that was keeping me away from my blog, my camera, queries, and writing at large.


The last big thing, which I just finished today, was photography for my little brother’s wedding. Editing those wonderful photos has consumed most of my free time since I took them a month ago. And as truly happy as I was to take them, sort them, and edit them, I am very glad to be done.

FlowerGirlInATree M&R June2017
Little Miss in her flowergirl dress, climbing a cape myrtle.

So yes, life has been busy, but there seems to be some prospect in the coming weeks of things quieting down and falling into a rhythm. Which isn’t something that’s often been on my horizon, so I’m definitely looking forward to a bit of quiet, even boredom.

That said – I won’t ever be too bored, because I have plenty of projects that I can slide off the backburner and onto the front.

One upcoming project that I’m super excited about is my Wonder Woman armor. As soon as I saw the costumes in the new movie, my urge to craft some of my own became too powerful to resist. That Grecian style skirt, that breastplate, those greaves! There, at last were women, and entire cast of them, wearing real armor. Made sleeker and more stylish, yes, but at its core, what I saw was more like something worthy of being worn in combat than I’d ever seen before.

I did try to talk myself out of the project. I’ve never made my own EVA foam armor before, and it looked like an enormous undertaking. And of course, the fact that Wonder Woman just released means that I risk being one of many. But the opportunity is too good to resist, especially when I searched the internet for any character who wears something remotely similar and came up dry.

I decided to dive in, and I’m so glad I did.

Within a matter of days, I’d wrapped my torso in plastic, covered that in duct tape, and created a pattern.

Duct Tape Pattern
The beginning of my Wonder Woman armor.
Armor Pattern
Making foam armor is surprisingly similar to making a fabric garment. At this step, anyway.

Then I sketched out all the detail pieces on butcher paper.

The details
This was time-consuming, but also lots of fun.

And I cut my EVA foam pieces with a very sharp craft knife. Then I burned up my hair dryer trying to heat the foam pieces enough to shape and glue them, so there was a temporary pause on the whole endeavor while I ordered a heat gun – and a new hair dryer.

Cutting EVA
Yes, that’s a foam floor tile.
Future Armor
Hopefully these will all go together!

It’s been so satisfying to work on something that has a physical end product. And to dig into something so utterly, unabashedly geeky lends its own thrill.

In more writing-related projects, I’m wrapping up a short story that I hope to post here on Bright Ink, with hopefully more to follow.

So, for now that’s it! Hopefully this post will be my return to regular blogging. I’m definitely glad to be back at it, and look forward to keeping you updated on my progress with Wonder Woman.

Thanks for reading!


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